《Windows 核心编程》部分改编的汇编代码

Table of Contents

1 专题内容

原书作者: Jeffrey Richter.

原书名称: "Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows,Fourth Edition."

中文译本: Windows 核心编程.(机械工业出版社)

专题目的: 用Masm32改写本书所有源代码.

专题说明: 为简单起见,大部分改写的源程序将暂时只保证在Win98上正确运行.也欢迎您贡献出自己的源代码.

专题日期: 2001.11.25—2002.??

2 编程环境

3 专题代码

Name Date Describe
MMFShare 2001.11.26 a demo of Memory mapping file
CopyData 2001.11.27 a demo of WMCOPYDATA
AppInst 2001.11.28 a demo of shared section in PE file.
Handshake 2001.11.28 a demo of use auto-reset event.
Summation 2001.12.19 a demo of use SEH when stack overflow
SEHTerm 2001.12.19 a demo of use final Exception Handle
ErrorShow 2001.12.27 get text description for an error code
SchedLab 2001.12.27 process and thread priority classes
SWMRG 2001.12.27 The Single Writer/Multiple Reader Guard
Counter 2001.12.27 background processing using fibers
VMStat 2001.12.27 how to get Virtual Memory Status
MemReset 2001.12.27 change the protection attributes of pages
FileRev 2002.02.04 how to use memory-mapped files
Queue 2002.02.04 how to uses a mutex and a semaphore
TimedMsgBox 2002.02.05 use the thread pool's timer functions
LISWatch 2002.02.05 Local Input State Laboratory
SysInfo 2002.02.06 call GetSystemInfo,display info returned

Author: Jingtao Xu ([email protected])


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