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1 概述

NASM是一个模块化的,可重用的汇编器(有关这方面的内容请参照 源码中的doc\internal.doc文件)。它涉及到的数据结构有数组,链表和HASH表等。

2 详解

  1. 用数组存储表达式求值程序计算出的值。


 * Expression-evaluator datatype. Expressions, within the
 * evaluator, are stored as an array of these beasts, terminated by
 * a record with type==0. Mostly, it's a vector type: each type
 * denotes some kind of a component, and the value denotes the
 * multiple of that component present in the expression. The
 * exception is the WRT type, whose `value' field denotes the
 * segment to which the expression is relative. These segments will
 * be segment-base types, i.e. either odd segment values or SEG_ABS
 * types. So it is still valid to assume that anything with a
 * `value' field of zero is insignificant.
typedef struct {
    long type;                             /* a register, or EXPR_xxx */
    long value;                            /* must be >= 32 bits */
} expr;
  1. 通过HASH值将数组和链表结合在一起来存储预处理中遇到的宏。

这样HASH数组中的每一项都指向一个链表,链表中的每个结点都存储着一个宏的相关信息, 而且各个结点宏名字具有相同的HASH值。这种数组和链表通过HASH算法结合在一起的结构 可以更加快速地找到指定名字的宏。

  1. NASM在运行时会动态分配两块内存。



这样程序在需要许多小的内存块时就不必每次去分配,只在已分配的内存块被用 完时再分配。即提高了效率,也易于管理。

SAA :dynamic sequential-access array.

RAA :dynamic random access array.

struct SAA {
     * members `end' and `elem_len' are only valid in first link in
     * list; `rptr' and `rpos' are used for reading
    struct SAA *next, *end, *rptr;
    long elem_len, length, posn, start, rpos;
    char *data;

struct RAA {
     * Number of layers below this one to get to the real data. 0
     * means this structure is a leaf, holding RAA_BLKSIZE real
     * data items; 1 and above mean it's a branch, holding
     * RAA_LAYERSIZE pointers to the next level branch or leaf
     * structures.
    int layers;
     * Number of real data items spanned by one position in the
     * `data' array at this level. This number is 1, trivially, for
     * a leaf (level 0): for a level 1 branch it should be
     * RAA_BLKSIZE, and for a level 2 branch it's
    long stepsize;
    union RAA_UNION {
    struct RAA_LEAF {
        long data[RAA_BLKSIZE];
    } l;
    struct RAA_BRANCH {
        struct RAA *data[RAA_LAYERSIZE];
    } b;
    } u;
  1. 其它


struct itemplate {
    int opcode;                    /* the token, passed from "parser.c" */
    int operands;                  /* number of operands */
    long opd[3];                   /* bit flags for operand types */
    const char *code;              /* the code it assembles to */
    unsigned long flags;           /* some flags */

其中在第四项code中,用特定的值来表示生成的机器码中可能出现的情况, 比如若指令模板中存在\320,则表示该指令需要一个固定大小为16位的 操作数。这样,如果目标代码为32位时,机器码就需要一个操作数前缀。

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